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Five Star Wings

Satisfy your craving for chicken wings with a spicy, sweet, or savory flavor. Five Star Wings has eight tasty options for you. Five Star Grill & Pizza in Dorchester can also make plain chicken wings with no sauce. Our spicy buffalo chicken wings have three levels of heat. Five Star Wings come in Mild, Hot, or XX Hot. Cool the heat down with a side of mild or hot bleu cheese dressing. Other wing flavors include BBQ, Sweet and Sour, Honey Hot, Teriyaki, or Honey Barbeque. We fry our Five Star Wings and toss them in the tasteful sauce of your choice. Our wings have a light crisp on the outside and tender chicken on the inside. You can also add bacon to your order of chicken wings. Five Star Pizza & Grill in Dorchester offers four sizes of our popular wings. Choose Small (10 Wings), Medium (15 Wings), Large (25 Wings), and Party Size (45 Wings). 

Chicken Wings Dorchester MA

Chicken Tenders Dorchester MA

If you prefer boneless chicken instead of wings, check out our crispy tenders on the menu. Our chicken tenders come in eight flavors that we toss in a tasteful sauce. Choose from Mild, Hot, or XX Hot Buffalo Chicken Tenders. Don’t forget to get a side of mild or hot bleu cheese dressing for dipping. Other chicken tender flavors include BBQ, Sweet and Sour, Honey Hot, Teriyaki, and Honey BBQ. Five Star Pizza & Grill in Dorchester also can make them plain. Our chicken tenders go great with Five Star’s french fries. We offer Chicken Tenders in 4 sizes: Small (8 Tenders), Medium (14 Tenders), Large (20 Tenders), and Party Size (40 Tenders). 

buffalo chicken tenders Dorchester ma

Buffalo Chicken Wings Dorchester MA

buffalo chicken wings dorchester ma

Order chicken wings today from Five Star Pizza & Grill for lunch or dinner! Pick from any one of our eight tasty flavors! You can also order your chicken wings or tenders plain with no sauce. Add hot or mild bleu cheese to go with your buffalo wings. Don’t forget to get a side of french fries with your chicken tenders to complete the meal! If you love buffalo chicken wings but don’t want the mess, we have other menu options. We serve buffalo chicken salads, wraps, and hot subs. Contact Five Star Pizza & Grill to order chicken wings today! We offer pickup and delivery in Dorchester. Order online or call us at 617-825-5554 or 617-929-1985