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Five Star Pasta Dishes

Five Star Pizza & Grill in Dorchester serves eight hearty and savory pasta dishes. If you have been craving a homemade Italian meal, order one from us today! Five Star Pasta Dishes help anyone short on time or not in the mood to cook. Add meatball, chicken cutlet, eggplant, or veal to any of our Five Star Pasta Dishes. Other add-ons include sausage, grilled chicken, and mushrooms. Choose from traditional pasta classics like Spaghetti or Stuffed Shells. For a more rustic Italian dinner, order our Baked Ziti or Meat Lasagna with Cheese. For something unique, order our Chicken Broccoli Ziti in a creamy Alfredo Sauce. Other Five Star Pasta Dishes include Meatball, Chicken, or Real Parm. Pick up a pasta meal or order one for delivery today. Enjoy a fulfilling Five Star Pasta Dish with fresh ingredients for lunch or dinner. 

Pasta Delivery Dorchester MA

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like delicious pasta you do not have to prepare and make. Save time and a trip to the grocery store with Five Star’s Prepared Pastas To Go. Choose from Baked Ziti, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Ziti, Spaghetti, or Stuffed Shells. Other freshly prepared pastas include Lasagna, Meatball, or Chicken Parm. You can add meatballs or grilled chicken to any Five Star Pasta Meal. Other extras include sausage, eggplant, veal, chicken cutlet, and mushrooms. Get fulfilling and quick Prepared Pastas To Go for lunch or dinner. Five Star Pizza & Grill in Dorchester offers takeout and delivery on our pasta dishes.

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Family Pasta Dinners Dorchester

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Feed the entire family with a pasta dinner from Five Star Pizza & Grill in Dorchester. We make it convenient to serve up home-cooked family pasta dinners. Our pasta meals offer an easy solution when planning dinner. We let you spend more time with your family and less in the kitchen. Five Star Pizza & Grill does all the preparation and cooking for a large pasta meal. Save time and stress with our Family Pasta Dinners in Dorchester. Enjoy Spaghetti, Baked Ziti, Stuffed Shells, and Lasagna dinners with your family. Also, choose from Ziti Chicken Broccoli Alfredo, Meatball, Chicken, or Real Parm. Add family favorites to your pasta dinner. Extras include meatballs, chicken cutlets, sausage, eggplant, veal, grilled chicken, or mushrooms.

Place your order for freshly prepared pasta dishes for small or large family dinners. Call Five Star Pizza & Grill in Dorchester or order online. We offer takeout and delivery for all of our hearty pasta dishes and family dinners. Call us at 617-825-5554 or 617-929-1985 or order online.

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